Trump - Never Give Up

Author(s): Donald J. Trump

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Trump : Never Give Up tells the stories of Trump's biggest challenges, lowest moments, and worst mistakes - and how he overcame them and turned them into successes. Each chapter includes a dramatic, inspiring story from Trump's career, wisdom, pep talks, inspiration and advice that everyone can relate to, with additional coaching tips from adversity research expert Paul Stoltz.

'THE LOWEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE: A Billion Dollars in the Hole - What do you do when the entire world tells you it's over?
I had such an amazing reversal of fortune in the early 1990's that I am listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest financial turnaround in history. I don't recommend anyone aim for the same goal, but when you've been on the financial high wire, it gives you a certain perspective that might be helpful to other people. It's been said that what makes me accessible to people -- aside from "The Apprentice" showing how I operate in the business world -- is that I've faced tremendous adversity. It's something just about everyone can relate to. The difference may be in the amount of zeros after the numbers, but the point is, people can relate to difficulties. I don't think anyone gets away with a challenge-free life experience. As one writer described the journey of life, "No one gets out of this alive," That's a bit existential but when you're down a few billion dollars in the red, it can make you think in new dimensions. My situation wasn't looking great. I had billions in loans I couldn't pay, and I had personally guaranteed $975 million of that debt. I could easily have gone bankrupt. This shouldn't surprise everyone because I'd always done things in a big way, andso it follows that my highs would be followed by a suitably low low. The banks were after me. People avoided me. There was a recession, and the real estate market was almost nonexistent. This was not a good scenario. Then there was a turning point, and that turning point was my attitude....'


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"The brisk, passionate and no nonsense style makes them [Trump's books] inspiring and motivating to read." (, Tuesday 26th February 2008) "This book is for anyone who wants to transform their problems into opportunities and fight back from defeat."Start Your Business May 2008


Acknowledgments. Foreword by. Michael Sexton, Trump University(????). Introduction. What Goes Through My Mind When I Hear the Word "No". Chapter 1. The Lowest Moment in My Life--and How I Fought Back: A Billion Dollars in the Hole. Chapter 2. Failure is Not Permanent: Wholeness and the Art of the Comeback. Chapter 3. The Apprentice Was Supposed to Be a Big Mistake: Get the Best Advice You Can, Then Trust Your Gut. Chapter 4. Is This a Blip or a Catastrophe?Be Prepared for Things That Happen Outside Your Game Plan. Chapter 5. I Love a Good Fight: The Trump SoHo Hotel Condominium. Chapter 6. Watch Out For Brain Cramps: Keep The Big Picture In Mind. Chapter 7. Expect Problems and You'll Be Ready When They Come: Getting Trump Tower off the Ground. Chapter 8. When the Other Side Expects a Duel, Offer a Partnership: Trump International Golf Links Scotland. Chapter 9. How I Persuade People: Turning "No's" into "Yes's". Chapter 10. Sometimes You Have to Swallow Your Pride: Trump International Hotel & Tower, New York. Chapter 11. Courage Isn't The Absence of Fear, It's The Conquering of Fear. Chapter 12. Be Passionate: It's the Only Way to Move Mountains. Chapter 13. If You See Big Problems, Look for Big Opportunities: Transforming a Dilapidated Neighborhood into a World-Class Hot Spot. Chapter 14. Cultivate a Sense Of Discovery: A Letter From My Kindergarten Teacher. Chapter 15. Know When to Cut Your Losses (or Why I Refuse to Believe Richard Branson is Wealthy if He Owns an Airline): Trump Shuttle. Chapter 16. If You Think You Can Complete a 6-Year Project in 6 Months -- You Probably Can: Wollman Rink, Central Park, NYC. Chapter 17. Don't Watch Life From The Sidelines. Chapter 18. Don't Let Fear Stop You -- Even in Front of Millions of People: Doubts Will Continue to Surface, Even after You've Made up Your Mind to Go Forward. Chapter 19. Sometimes You Have to Start Over: Dubai. Chapter 20. I Told My Friend He Was A Big Time Loser: The Power of Focus. Chapter 21. Defending the Flag. Chapter 22. When Your Wardrobe Malfunctions in Front of 10,000 People -- Make It Part of Your Act: Two Public Speaking Screwups. Chapter 23. A Lesson From The Apprentice: Never Quit! Chapter 24. Don't Get Complacent -- Thinking You're Foolproof is a Good Way to Set Yourself up for a Big Mistake: How New Trump Projects Happen. Chapter 25. Only in New York! This City Will Serve up Problems -- and Solutions -- You Won't Find Anywhere Else. Chapter 26. Enemies Can Turn into Friends: The Hilton Hotel in Atlantic City. Chapter 27. How to De-Stress. Chapter 28. You Will Be Attacked for Trying to Change Anything: Mar-a-Lago. Chapter 29. Set the Record Straight. Chapter 30. Do Give Up-On Complainers. Chapter 31. Be Patient: You May Have to Wait 30 Years for a Deal to Pay Off. Chapter 32. Get Motivated by Hearing "No": Turn a Negative into a Positive. Chapter 33. The Turnaround Always Starts with Creative, Positive Thinking: 1200 Foreclosed Apartments in Cincinnati. Chapter 34. Get the Most From Every Day. Chapter 35. How Would I Look with a Shaved Head?: Wrestlemania. Chapter 36. When You're Attacked, Bite Back: A Book and $5 Billion Lawsuit. Chapter 37. Prime Real Estate Falls into the Pacific -- Now What? Trump National Golf Course in Palos Verdes, CA. Chapter 38 Where Others Fail -- There's Your Opportunity: A Wall Street Story. Appendix A. Trump's Top Ten List for Success. Appendix B. Trump's Rules for Negotiating.

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